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Decision Outcome:Complaint denied
Decision Date:2009-11-02
Case No:D2009-1139
Panelists:Robert A Badgley, Neil Brown, Douglas M Isenberg
Complainant Name:Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas
Complainant Locale:us
Complainant Rep:Williams & Anderson PLC, United States
Respondent Name:FanMail.com, LLC
Respondent Locale:us
Respondent Rep:Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP, United States
Respondent Replied:Yes
RDNH Found:No

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Panelists Citing:

John Swinson5
Gabriela Kennedy3
M Scott Donahey1
Thomas M Legler1
Nicoletta Colombo1
James A Barker1
Warwick A Rothnie1
Brigitte Joppich1
Michael A Albert1
Lawrence K Nodine1
Antony Gold1
Jeffrey D Steinhardt1
Stefan Naumann1
Neil Brown1
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Cases Citing (Latest):

DomainDateComplainantRespondentPanelist(s)DecisionOriginal Decision
sandoscancunresort.com2018-04-11EPI Gestion, S.L.Media InsightAntony GoldComplaint deniedWIPO D2018-0402
lottostore.com2017-02-13Lotto Sport Italia S.p.A.David DentGabriela KennedyTransferWIPO D2016-2532
muckboot.com2015-12-03Honeywell Safety Products USA, Inc.Michele Dinoia, Macrosten LTD.Gabriela KennedyTransferWIPO D2015-1834
securon.com2015-03-24Securon Manufacturing LimitedYungu JoStefan NaumannTransferWIPO D2015-0151
brennercom.com2014-11-10Brennercom s.p.a.Brennercom LimitedGabriela Kennedy, Nicoletta Colombo, Brigitte JoppichComplaint denied with dissenting opinionWIPO D2014-1219
lsuteamshop.com2013-12-12Board of Supervisors of Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical CollegeRegistration Private, Domains by Proxy, LLC / Chad HartvigsonMichael A Albert, Lawrence K Nodine, Jeffrey D SteinhardtTransferWIPO D2013-1693
dermaroller.com.au2011-12-15Clinic Care Pty LimitedEmma Redgate Payne (also known as Emma Johnson)John SwinsonComplaint deniedWIPO DAU2011-0027
buy-rsgold.com2011-08-09Jagex LimitedHao ChenUsfine Electron & Information Co., Ltd, Tang zaipingWhoisGuard ProtectedWu ChenJohn SwinsonTransferWIPO D2011-0958
wewillrockyou.com2011-07-27Duck Productions LimitedQueen Music LimitedQueen Productions LimitedDaniel StanojevicJohn SwinsonTransferWIPO D2011-1001
wwwfultiltpoker.com2011-05-31POCKET KINGS LIMITEDOwen WebsterJohn SwinsonTransferWIPO D2011-0613
incipio.com2011-05-10Incipio Technologies, Inc.Starfield Services Ltd.John SwinsonTransferWIPO D2011-0418
milfhunters.com2011-05-09RK Netmedia, Inc.Graham LawtonJames A BarkerComplaint deniedWIPO D2011-0495
pep.mobi2011-01-13Pepkor IP (Proprietary) LimitedTranslink Services S.a.r.l.Domain Name Administrator/Demand DomainsWarwick A RothnieTransferWIPO D2010-1723
charterbusiness.com2010-06-25Charter Communications, Inc.CK Ventures Inc./ CHARTERBUSINESS.COMThomas M Legler, Neil Brown, M Scott DonaheyComplaint deniedWIPO D2010-0228
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