Original Decision

UDRP.Tools ID42297
Decision Outcome:Transfer
Decision Date:2005-11-25
Case No:D2005-1057
Panelists:Adam Taylor
Complainant Name:Confederation Nationale du Credit Mutuel
Complainant Locale:fr
Complainant Rep:MEYER & Partenaires, France
Respondent Name:Josh Self
Respondent Locale:us
Respondent Rep:None
Respondent Replied:Yes
RDNH Found:No

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Cited Cases:

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D2004-0168Jardine Motors Group Holdings Limited v. Zung Fu Kuenzungfu.comG XueX
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D2000-0118Chargers Football CompanyNational Football League Properties, Inc. v. One Sex Entertainment Company and One Sex Entertainment Company a/k/a ChargerGirls.netchargergirls.comFrederick M AbbottX

Panelists Citing:

Lawrence K Nodine1
Alain Bensoussan1
Richard W Page1

Cases Citing (Latest):

DomainDateComplainantRespondentPanelist(s)DecisionOriginal Decision
pentiumfund.com2009-04-19Intel CorporationPentium FundLawrence K Nodine, Alain Bensoussan, Richard W PageTransferWIPO D2009-0156
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