Original Decision

UDRP.Tools ID47246
Decision Outcome:Transfer
Decision Date:2000-11-13
Case No:D2000-1061
Panelists:James Bridgeman
Complainant Name:Jaap Stam
Complainant Locale:nl
Complainant Rep:None
Respondent Name:Oliver Cohen
Respondent Locale:us
Respondent Rep:None
Respondent Replied:Yes
RDNH Found:No

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Cited Cases:

CasePartiesDomainPanelistsCited Before DiscussionCited in Discussion
D2000-0003Telstra Corporation Ltd. v. Nuclear Marshmallowstelstra.orgAndrew F ChristieX
D2000-0210Julia Fiona Roberts v. Russell Boydjuliaroberts.comRichard W Page, Sally Abel, James BridgemanX
D2000-0402Steven Rattner v. BuyThisDomainNamestevenrattner.comHugues G RichardX

Panelists Citing:

Alan Limbury2
Cecil O D Branson2
M Scott Donahey1
Marilena Comanescu1
W David Quinto1

Cases Citing (Latest):

DomainDateComplainantRespondentPanelist(s)DecisionOriginal Decision
liviu-tudor.com2015-01-07Liviu TudorAndra MateiMarilena ComanescuComplaint deniedWIPO D2014-1903
tpritzker.com2009-10-12The Pritzker Organization, LLCThomas PritzkerRichard BrownM Scott DonaheyComplaint deniedWIPO D2009-0911
nicolecocoaustin.net2009-02-21Nicole MarrowV. C.Alan LimburyTransferWIPO D2008-1947
geffenrecords.com2003-06-26UMG Recordings, Inc.Brenda MichelsonW David QuintoTransferWIPO D2003-0369
izzyasper.com2001-06-21Israel Harold AsperCommunication X Inc.Cecil O D BransonComplaint deniedWIPO D2001-0540
leonardasper.com2001-06-21Leonard AsperCommunication X Inc.Cecil O D BransonComplaint deniedWIPO D2001-0539
davidgilmour.com2000-12-22David GilmourDavid Gilmour Music Limited / David Gilmour Music Overseas LimitedErmanno CeniccolaAlan LimburyTransferWIPO D2000-1459
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