Original Decision

UDRP.Tools ID68099
Decision Outcome:Claim Denied
Decision Date:2018-12-31
Case No:1819680
Panelists:David E Sorkin
Complainant Name:Citadel Enterprise Americas LLC and its related entity KCG IP Holdings LLC
Complainant Locale:us
Complainant Rep:Paul D. McGrady
Respondent Name:Kannan Murali / Digital Intelligence LLC
Respondent Locale:om
Respondent Rep:None
Respondent Replied:Yes
RDNH Found:No

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1230838Citadel Investment Group, L.L.C. v. Eli Rosenberg and Etro Holdings, LLC.citadelequities.comLouis E CondonX

Panelists Citing:

Steven M Levy1

Cases Citing (Latest):

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ksl.cloud2019-10-28Deseret Digital MediaJacob Korman / Korman ServicesSteven M LevyClaim DeniedNAF 1863090