Original Decision

UDRP.Tools ID72941
Decision Outcome:Transfer
Decision Date:2019-11-29
Case No:D2019-2517
Panelists:Rodrigo Velasco Santelices
Complainant Name:Facebook, Inc.WhatsApp Inc.
Complainant Locale:
Complainant Rep:
Respondent Name:Wisdom King, Wizindo
Respondent Locale:
Respondent Rep:
Respondent Replied:No
RDNH Found:No

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Cited Cases:

CasePartiesDomainPanelistsCited Before DiscussionCited in Discussion
D2018-1145Facebook, Inc. v. Domain Administrator, PrivacyGuardian.org
Hernando Sierra
dlfacebook.comLynda M BraunX
D2018-1581WhatsApp, Inc. v. Domain Manager, SHOUT marketing SL
Gonzalo Gomez Rufino, SHOUT Marketing SL
Gonzalo Gomez Rufino, SHOUT marketing SL
River Plate Argentina, Gonzalo Gomez Rufino
whatsappmarketing.com.co, SHOUT marketing SL
bulkwhatsapp.marketingGerardo SaavedraX

Panelists Citing:

Anne Gundelfinger1

Cases Citing (Latest):

DomainDateComplainantRespondentPanelist(s)DecisionOriginal Decision
fbgrantsoffice.com2020-04-24Facebook Inc.Peter KukuAnne GundelfingerTransferWIPO D2020-0517
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