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UDRP.Tools ID46413
Decision Outcome:Transfer
Decision Date:2000-03-13
Case No:D2000-0007
Panelists:Sally Abel
Complainant Name:Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc
Complainant Locale:
Complainant Rep:None
Respondent Name:Lauren Raymond
Respondent Locale:
Respondent Rep:None
Respondent Replied:No
RDNH Found:No

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Panelists Citing:

Harrie R Samaras31
John C Mcelwaine28
M Scott Donahey23
Marilena Comanescu18
Richard A Horning14
William P Knight12
Pavan Duggal6
Nuno Cruz5
Gerd F Kunze4
Richard W Page4
Clark W Lackert2
Thomas Webster2
Shwetasree Majumder2
David L Sandborg2
Nicholas Weston2
Alberto Bercovitz2
Maxim H Waldbaum1
Henry Perritt1
Daniel Kraus1
Tom Arnold1
Neil A Smith1
Howard P Knopf1
Gaynell Methvin1
Francine Tan1
Christophe Imhoos1
Steven L Snyder1
Andrew Mansfield1
Olga Zalomiy1
Dennis A Foster1
Anna Carabelli1
Louis Bernard Buchman1
Roberto Bianchi1
Mario A Sol Muntanola1
Carol Anne Been1
David Plant1
Jeffrey M Samuels1
John Swinson1
James Bridgeman1
James Carmody1
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Cases Citing (Latest, Max 25):

DomainDateComplainantRespondentPanelist(s)DecisionOriginal Decision
valium911.com2019-08-12F. Hoffmann-La Roche AGRegistration Private, Domains By Proxy, LLC / Amir HaddadShwetasree MajumderTransferWIPO D2019-1291
sanofipharmaceutical.com2019-08-05SanofiPrivacy Protect, LLC / BLACK ROSESShwetasree MajumderTransferWIPO D2019-1224
ashlaymadison.com2019-07-28Ruby Life Inc.Domain Admin, Whois Privacy Corp.Harrie R SamarasTransferWIPO D2019-1456
blochcheyne.com2019-07-23Cheyne Capital Holdings LimitedContact Privacy Inc. Customer 1241797044 / Michael Jacoby Nicholas WestonTransferWIPO D2019-0950
chappsrentalinspector.com2019-07-13Chapps NVHome of Domains, Domain Admin / This Domain is For SaleNicholas WestonTransferWIPO D2019-1175
jdrfillinois.org2019-06-20JDRF InternationalJanice GreenJohn C McelwaineTransferWIPO D2019-0994
viacomtalents.org2019-05-20Viacom International Inc.Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 1243820716 / Jerry A. Osei TutuHarrie R SamarasTransferWIPO D2019-0825
rothschildscontinuationholdings.com2019-05-13N. M. Rothschild & Sons LimitedDomain Administrator, PrivacyGuardian.org / Albert RothschildJohn C McelwaineTransferWIPO D2019-0517
omipemfsupply.com2019-04-01PEMF Supply, LLCDomain Administrator, See PrivacyGuardian.org / Gregory Lewis, American Healthcare FoundationJohn C McelwaineTransferWIPO D2019-0235
airfrances.com2018-12-18Société Air FranceEbills Online ServicesJohn C McelwaineTransferWIPO D2018-2421
silverseas.com2018-12-03Silversea Cruises, Ltd.Whois Agent, Domain Protection Services, Inc. / Domain Vault, Domain Vault LLCJohn C McelwaineTransferWIPO D2018-2306
trbotax.com2018-11-01Intuit Inc.Registration Private, Domains By Proxy, LLC / JC RamitraJohn C McelwaineTransferWIPO D2018-2001
intersistems.com2018-10-22Intersystems Corporation (“Intersystems”)Registration Private, Domains By Proxy, LLC / Brimoh KadiriHarrie R SamarasTransferWIPO D2018-1784
klgatse.com2018-08-27K&L Gates, LLPGlobal Domain Privacy / Macianne Pakinston, Norlan links consultants John C McelwaineTransferWIPO D2018-1525
grammarlywriters.com2018-07-25Grammarly, Inc.Grammarly Writers Inc.
WhoisGuard Protected, WhoisGuard, Inc. / Mark Njiru, idealwriters.co
Harrie R SamarasTransferWIPO D2018-1004
us-konecranes.com2018-07-04Konecranes, Inc.James WhiteJohn C McelwaineTransferWIPO D2018-0861
owaviacom.com2018-04-26Paramount Pictures CorporationViacom International Inc.Ramon BurnellJohn C McelwaineTransferWIPO D2018-0261
orixcorporation.com2018-02-20ORIX Kabushiki Kaisha dba ORIX CorporationPrivacy Protect, LLC (PrivacyProtect.org) / Chinedu AguJohn C McelwaineTransferWIPO D2017-2529
northillglobal.com2017-12-20Northhill Capital (Jersey) L.P.Domain Admin, Whois Privacy Corp.John C McelwaineTransferWIPO D2017-1832
legalzoomhouston.com2017-12-13LegalZoom.com, Inc.Byrlyne Van DykeRegistration Private, Domains By Proxy, LLC / Byrlyne Van Dyke-DowersJohn C McelwaineTransferWIPO D2017-2022
directline.group2017-10-10UK lnsurance LimitedPrivacyDotlink, Customer 28001 118 / Futureproof DomainsJohn C McelwaineTransferWIPO D2017-1584
hmrc-tax-service.com2017-09-20The Commissioners for HM Revenue and CustomsWei Wang, APISJohn C McelwaineTransferWIPO D2017-1492
audimerriam.com2017-07-14Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.Richard WebbHarrie R SamarasTransferWIPO D2017-1070
ivividseate.com2017-07-14Vivid Seats LLCPeter Smith / Maria da SilvaHarrie R SamarasTransferWIPO D2017-1083
wattsapp.me2017-06-26WhatsApp Inc.Super Privacy Service c/o DynadotJohn C McelwaineTransferWIPO DME2017-0003
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